Our goal: Use New Mexico's abundant natural gas to promote manufacturing in the state


New Mexico Growth Coalition, Inc. seeks to attract and anchor one or more polyethylene manufacturing facilities in order to create and stimulate job and income growth, investment, economic opportunity and tax revenue in New Mexico. The Coalition proposes do this in formal partnership with New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.  We seek your support for this effort.

The rapid expansion of oil and gas production in New Mexico, the region’s constrained pipeline transport capacities, and depressed global gas prices have created an opportunity for New Mexico to compete at a global level for investment in this sector.

The Coalition proposes to perform the following:

Phase I - Study
An initial study will:
     Characterize and distinguish the geographic and economic conditions of New Mexico’s candidate regions in comparison with those of rival anchor locations;
     Identify and quantify the industry’s inputs, outputs, infrastructure, transportation and workforce requirements;
     Assess the potential for collocating midstream processors;
     Isolate the critical variables in an investment decision; and
     Recommend public policy initiatives for mobilizing state and local support.

Once the scope of the study is finalized, a final report will be delivered within six months. During that time the Coalition will continue to develop its relationships nationally and internationally to target the key decision-makers to whom proposals will be tailored.

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