Permian and San Juan Petrochemical Complexes

New Mexico Growth Coalition, Inc. aims to anchor polyethylene manufacturing facilities in New Mexico.

With the second-most abundant natural gas in the United States and long-term, low-cost gas supplies,
New Mexico is an attractive location to build and operate polyethylene manufacturing facilities. NMGC's
plants will offer long-term polyethylene supplies at among the lowest prices in the world, landed in the US,
East Asia and Europe.

Each plant will produce 1.5 million tons of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) per year, shipped by train to the
West Coast for East Asia exports, and used throughout North America and Europe.

These plants will create and stimulate job and income growth, investment, economic opportunity and tax revenue
in New Mexico. The Coalition is working with the State government, cities and counties in southeast and northwest
New Mexico, the NM Institute of Mining and Technology and other partners.

NMGC's managing owners include:

John Lonergan, CEO, Santa Fe      
Sean Moody, CTO, Santa Fe        
Steffen Hezinger, CMO, Stuttgart

+1 415 987 2273 1000 Cordova Place, 913 Santa Fe, NM 87505